Human translation and natural language processing: Forging a new consensus?

In line with the first two Tralogy events (,,, this international conference is geared towards bringing together specialists in the various fields and disciplines involved in the translation professions of today and tomorrow: academics (both in the Translation Studies and NLP fields), professional translators (most notably through the involvement of SFT, the French society of translators), users of translation (especially through the European Commission’s  Directorate-General for Translation, DGT) and translator educators (via the French association of translation training programs, AFFUMT).

It will be co-sponsored by the DGT, in the form of a 'Translating Europe' Workshop, and coordinated with the SPECTRANS and PAPTAN projects (CLILLAC-ARP, Université de Paris), whose interests are closely aligned to our own.

The conference will be held as a hybrid event, with both on-side and on-line participation for registered participants.

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